42 Days – Day 1

Evening lovely readers

Today has been the most insane day as I’ve been back at work after my holiday so lots of emails and a huge amount of work! Luckily I’m home now and I’ve had my tea so i’ve settled down to write this post about 2 things:

1. An introduction to the Louise Parker Method

2. To tell you how my first day has gone

So here goes

Louise Parker is a hugely experienced personal trainer, her book says she has been a PT for over 20 years, which I find hard to believe as she looks incredible and definitely not like she is in her 40’s! Louise has worked with athletes, models, actors/actresses and politicians but as I believe her course is very expensive I’ve brought her book ‘Lean for life’ and I’m hoping it can deliver what it says on the tin!

The program is made up of two parts ‘Transform’ which is the initial 6 weeks where you change your bad habits and ‘Lifestyle’ which is an 80:20 approach which helps you to maintain your weight loss for the rest of your life!

There are 4 parts to the program:

Mindset – This is where you focus on being positive, looking after your mental health and making time for yourself

Lifestyle – This is about getting enough sleep and keeping your mind and world uncluttered and ‘beautiful’

Nutrition – You eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, the books provides 80 recipes and ‘Lemonize’ which is a drink you have every day.

Exercise – Exercise needs to be part of your everyday, with 15 minutes of the LPM workouts completed at home and an absolute minimum of 10,000 steps a day.

The diet is very much focused around changing habits rather than using ‘self control’. You eat lots of fresh, healthy food that isn’t loaded with sugar and chemicals and avoid alcohol. As Louise says its 42 days initially and then an 80:20 approach allowing you to keep the things you enjoy in your life whilst maintaining your weight loss. The process should allow you to lose 1-2 dress sizes in the first 6 Weeks.

So what about my first day, well that’s another story entirely, I was incredibly busy and I didn’t sleep well at all last night so I was also very tired. However I managed to stick to the 3 meals and 2 snacks rule, I also managed to avoid all processed food and sugars which is usually impossible when I’m tired!

My food today looked like this:

Breakfast – Oatmeal, blueberries and Greek yoghurt

Lunch – M&S Edamame bean and Black rice salad (YUM) with a pot of fruit

Snack – Nobbys Roasted Peanuts

Dinner – Vegeterian Chilli

Pudding – Grapes

So whilst none of my meals were recipes from the LPM Book this is still a really good day for me, and even more so given my tiredness. However as we are only just back from our holiday and were then at a wedding this weekend, general food organisation has not been my strong point this week! So what I may do is treat this week as a dry run and then try and cook from the book starting next week. I’m not sure Louise herself would agree with this as one of her main points is ‘Start once and don’t stop!’.

The other element is exercise which again I’m slightly behind with, I wanted to get up at 5 ┬áthis morning to fit in exercise and some meditation but that didn’t happen as I slept badly, so I walked to M&S on my lunch and tried to walk around as much as I could today so that I clocked up lots of steps. I am getting a Fitbit for my birthday in a few weeks so I’ll be able to really track my activity then!

So I’m off to bed now to read a good book and get a better nights sleep then attempt 2 at getting up at 5am and getting my bum in gear!

Night Night


Hello world….

Hi there lovely reader

Welcome to my new blog!

So I’ve just come back from an amazing holiday in Italy where I was inspired to write this blog….I ate far too much and spent even more!

I am 26 in two weeks time….eeek the second half of the twenties, and I’ve decided it’s time to get my life together! So this blog (and you lovely reader) is going to help me do two things:

1. Finally lose weight – I have hovered around 11st6 for about 3,4 years (I’m currently 11st7) and at only 5ft 4 I really need to lose around 2 stone to be a healthy and comfortable weight! I have a massively sweet tooth (I’m currently eating biscuits that I brought for my work colleagues from Italy….oops) and a big problem with emotional eating (I eat….when I’m tired, when I’m bored, happy, sad, stressed…. I could go on). So I’m going to be following the Louise Parker method and updating you all on how its going, hopefully you can keep me on track!

2. Sort out my financial situation – So I dropped out of uni in 2012 and have been in an overdraft ever since then with a very few months where I have not been in the red. I am an accountant which makes it very ironic that I am unable to manage my own money. So I am going to be looking for the best ways to avoid spending money on clothes, beauty, food, going out and telling you all what I find out. I want to get out of my overdraft (2k) and get some savings by the end of the year without missing out on things I need/enjoy.

So that’s me and my blog, its day 1 of the Louise Parker method tomorrow so I’ll update you all then!

Much love

Sian x